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Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsions (PVA)

These are used for a range of applications such as padding and bookbinding, to general laminating, where a rapid bond of porous surfaces is required, an example of this being corrugated case manufacture.

Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Emulsions (VAE)

The range contains qualities tailored to suit Pafra and similar jetting and spraying systems, as fitted to folding machines. These adhesives are fast setting and bond many difficult surfaces.

Hot Melt Adhesives

We supply a range of hot melts for Nordson, Valco and similar gluing units, as well as other application systems. Most of these are used for packaging and book binding applications. There are a number of peelable and permanent self adhesive formulations and these are used in speciality packaging applications, where ‘difficult to stick’ surfaces are involved and direct mail promotional schemes.

A particular advantage to many of today’s pressure sensitive qualities is that they are film wrapped so that they can be handled easily and cleanly. The whole of the wrapped slab can be placed in the glue tank.

Apart from gluing difficult surfaces, this approach allows unlimited working time for the variety of assembly operations performed on gluing tables such as Bickers.

Hot Melt Glue Guns and Adhesives

We market the TEC range of glue guns, which includes units which spray speciality qualities for bonding foams and expanded polystyrene.

For use with the TEC guns we supply the range of TECBOND 12mm glue sticks and 43mm slugs.

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